How Gratitude brought a self-change
By Pritesh, maker of the Gratitude app
I had brought a self change through Gratitude and journaling. From time to time, I reach out to the Gratitude app users to listen to their journey. And everytime, I have ended up feeling very positive and inspired by their journey. I’m sharing 2 short stories from my compilation.
The first post is by Kamakshi. She’s been using the Gratitude app for her Gratitude practice since 11 months.
“Most of the time, we feel that life is not treating us fairly. Having a positive attitude is not obviously a trait that we all tend to have at all times, which I think is fair enough. Sometimes situations do get tough to get through, but if in the end of the day we are able to remind ourselves about the blessings we can be grateful for, we win.
Not that I could understand this easily, rather I was never a person to see the brighter side in a situation but I think I have changed a bit in the past couple of years. I won’t say that the issues I had were big to be as negative as I was, but certainly my immaturity and choices made it worse.
I had this habit of concluding a day in the end, about how good or bad it was and if the day used to be a little off, obviously I couldn’t reach the emotions of gratitude in my mind. That's when the complaints and negativity used to enter.
Ever since I made a choice to change, all the best sources started to come to me naturally. I developed reading habits, listening to people's stories, watching motivational videos etc. Also, One day my sister shared with me the link to the Gratitude app. I didn’t know how to use it, so I went through the few beautiful examples given such as I am grateful for the water supply, To have coffee with my friend, etc. These few examples were so inspiring that the app became a part of my day very soon. We generally have a tendency to forget to appreciate and witness the small yet the bigger blessings.
The Gratitude habit once achieved, makes a life full of positive outlooks and outcomes. Now even when the day is rough, I still make it a point to express my Gratitude. I accept the situation and express gratitude for the presence of God that made me pass through it, and gives power to hope for a better tomorrow. This only makes us realise that we are far far better off than lakhs of people in the world with really serious issues. A daily reminder of the same is extremely necessary to make us live stronger each day, be gracious to the people and things we have, and to be thankful for each moment.
Moreover the option in the application for writing a grateful letter has made me more expressive towards the people I love, that contributes to a better and happier relationship. Also, the affirmations make me believe and have strong and steadfast faith.”
The second post is by Arunima. She's been journaling using the Gratitude app since a year.
“I was always one of those people who would be kind and loving to others. But I had forgotten that I needed it too. Universe gave me very clear signs through people and situations. Then slowly I started working on myself. I read this quote from Rumi - "Yesterday I was clever so I was changing the world; Today I am wise so I am changing myself." That hit me hard. Because I was looking outside for almost everything. And it created a concoction in me that wasn't healthy. That's when I started practicing self-love, in every way possible. And it has brought a paradigm shift in me. I am able to see myself and the world through a completely different set of eyes !
That's also when Gratitude became a major part of my life. Instead of focusing on things that I don't have or chasing after people, I realized slowly how blessed I am. Just where I'm right now, right here. This is extremely powerful to remember everyday. Earlier I felt incomplete when I was searching for a 'best friend' or whatever I wanted in other people who couldn't be that to me. So I learnt to be my own best friend. How to be someone that makes me happy. How to be alone but not lonely. And it's strange! How working on oneself affects every aspect of our life. I'm still learning, growing and trying my best because it's a life-long journey. Through this self journey, one of the most important lessons I have learnt so far is to Let go! I used to think I can't or I shouldn't. But practicing it has been life-changing. And gratitude has taught me that there is an antidote to all kinds of negativity. Whether you want to keep your inner world sacred or give yourself an instant dose of happiness; all you have to do is be grateful!"