Frequently Asked Questions

Do you read or store our entries or data?

No, we do not read or store your journal entries or app data. All of your journal entries, affirmations, daily zen are kept exclusively on your device and can only be accessed if you export or backup them yourself. We do however receive anonymous usage data from your device. This information is used to fix crashes and bugs, monitor trends, and to predict what users might like to see next. We use two tools to do this: Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics. Additionally, we have opted out of using Google's Advertising ID which would provide more detailed demographic information about our users. We take your privacy seriously and explicitly chose to disable that feature.

Can I write any number of journal and entries and affirmations in the free version?

Yes, you can write unlimited journal entries and affirmations in the free version of the app. There's absolutely no limit and we don't ever plan to put a limit to it in the free version.

Can I go back a day if I missed writing today's entry?

Yes, the app gives an option to go back a day or two if you missed writing your journal entry during the day. This is especially helpful if you write past midnight and still writing about the previous day like today. Use the clock icon at the bottom on the entry creation screen to do this.

I only have the option to write an entry for today and yesterday, how can I write for days in the past?

The app doesn't support going to any past date except yesterday and the day before to write your journal entry. We have seen the best results of practicing Gratitude is to take a moment often during the day or the week and appreciate the things happening in your life. It's a natural tendency to postpone our Gratitude. We encourage you to practice Gratitude at least 2-3 times a day. Hence, the app doesn't support writing backdated journal entries.

Can I add more than 1 image to a journal entry?

Yes, you can more than 1 image and up to 5 images on every journal entry. However, this feature is a part of our paid plan. In the free version, you can attach a single photo.

I don't get reminder notification even though I have turned them on.

Many handsets seem to be optimizing the apps by killing away notifications. However, they allow you to turn this optimization settings off and this can be done manually. If the device is optimizing the Gratitude app, we show an alert on the reminder screen to Fix this issue. You can use that button to fix these settings. However, there could also be a "Power Saving" setting on your device. When you're device is in power-saving mode the OS asks that notifications are limited to save battery life. We chose to respect this feature and will not send notifications when the battery saving mode is turned on.

I want to transfer the app data to a new device.

The app has an option to backup and restores all your journal entries, affirmations, images, bookmarked daily zen to your Google Drive account. Backing up the app data to Google Drive is a part of the Paid Plan.

I can't open my exported entries

Exported entries are saved in CSV format. You should be able to open this file using software like Excel or Google Sheets. Please contact us if you still have issues with opening the CSV.

Will you translate Gratitude app?

We currently support 10 languages and we are always looking to bring Gratitude to more people around the world. If you want to help translate, please write to us at We currently support English, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Dutch, Filipino, Romanian, Portuguese, and Russian.

How do I sync my journal entries and affirmations across iPad and iPhone?

iCloud sync is a Pro feature. Make sure you are on Pro on your Apple devices. One Pro works on all Apple devices. You just have to restore your purchase from the Gratitude Pro screen. Once you check you are on Pro, go to iCloud sync screen inside the app, and enable iCloud sync. Please note that iCloud sync works only if you have enabled the Apple push notification service for the Gratitude app on all Apple devices.

Can I turn off the streak on the Journal page?

No, streak is a part of your journal screen and it shows how have you been practicing your gratitude inside the app.

How can I acces Daily Zen for the previous days?

Daily Zen gives you new thoughts every day. You cannot access a Daily Zen for a previous day. However, if you are on Pro you can bookmark a Daily Zen you find inspiring and create your collection. We backup the Daily Zen you bookmark along with your journal entries and affirmations so that if you re-install the Gratitude app all Daily Zen you bookmarked will be restored.

I have a question but it's not listed here.

Contact us at and I can help you!