Submitted by Margaret

I have been suffering from treatment-resistant depression for many years. Many of the books I read and the groups I attended site clinical research data into the benefits of practicing gratitude. I had tried journaling but never succeeded but was keen to keep trying. This led me to the Gratitude app.

I use it every morning to set my mind for a positive attitude. First, I read my positive affirmations which I designed based on scripture. Next, I look at my vision board which is based on achieving exercising goals (another activity to improve mood). I then reflect on the Zen which provides insights. I finish with other self-designed affirmations based on mental health. I now love the app. It has had a major positive impact on my day. I now understand what all the hype is about for the need to practice gratitude daily.

Click here to download the Gratitude app and improve your well-being with the magic of gratefulness.