Submitted by Sarah Schauer

Before I used the Gratitude app I was lost and felt like I could never be found. I always had negative thoughts and never had positive ones. It started during the COVID times. I was very depressed and was always losing sleep and not feeling myself. Suicide became a thought and it became a thought a lot. I made a mistake by not talking to anyone about it and not even writing it down. I don’t like talking about my feelings and I still don’t.

I would have all these negative thoughts like “you're terrible”, “you will never succeed” and so many more. But after I got the Gratitude app, I had so many fewer negative thoughts and I started writing down my feelings. It has helped me bring positive thoughts to me and the people around me. I write every day about things I am grateful for and also do the daily challenges. The app did so much for me and brought me closer with my family and I always read an affirmation in the morning for positive thoughts. Suicide isn’t even a thought anymore and I am only in 5th grade. My school grades also went up.

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