Submitted by Jennifer Gaffney

The story of my life!!

More than sometimes, a lot, I'll say a lot of times things don't go as I plan them!! I've always been a grateful person but I never really showed it as much as I do now.

I used to journal a lot and then life got so hectic and busy I stop journaling. So when I found the Gratitude app on my phone I was really happy because then I realized I would keep up with it more, being that it was on my phone instead of a physical journal.

It really helped me out a lot, because I started getting back into the mood of really seeing everything that was going in my life and being able to be grateful for it, and also, you know what you have to do to get your self-confidence to the next spot.

So if you have a hectic lifestyle, but are now realizing the beautiful things that are going on in your life, write about it! When you get the bad days and don't remember the good in life you can always look back and see what you were grateful for at a time and a place in your life when things were different!!

This app is the best app for you seriously...


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