So much of our time is spent on picking out the problems in us, or the things that we should improve upon. Constant improvement is the key, right?

While it’s great to be a work-in-progress and become a better version of ourselves every day, don’t you think we should also work to appreciate every good thing too?

All of us have some places where we lack in, but the good parts are far more than those. Think about it, you can count your cons, but can you count all the great things about you? All of them?

Not sure? Don’t worry, I’ll handle it for you today. Here is a (short) list of all the best things about you that are worth appreciating:

1. How you care for the ones you love: You have their best interest at heart and keep making efforts to be there for them.

2. Your willingness to help: You've helped people out in small ways whenever you could, like lending a pen to someone, giving directions, opening a door. These are some really sweet things!

3. Your laugh: The great sound of your joy and amusement. It makes others feel comfortable around you and makes the day brighter.

4. Your uniqueness: You've probably seen this many times, but let me say it again - There is no one like you. There just isn't! The way you look, all your features and characteristics, the story of your life, your quirks, it's all one unique set that can't be found anywhere else.

5. Your favorites: The things we love are an extension of our personality. You find yourself in stories, songs, places, art, and become fascinated with them. Such a great experience!

6. The stories you never get tired of: Something funny that happened at a wedding, or a super weird encounter that you keep retelling through the years. Evergreen magic.

7. All the bad days you make through: There were many days when it has hard to feel happy, but you persisted.

8. All the times you didn’t lose hope: Even when the future was obscure and the answers unclear, you kept going.

9. The shows you watched when you were a child: Those delightful worlds that you reminisce with love.

10. How passionate you are for the things you want: When there is something that you know you deserve, you do your best to achieve it.

11. You challenge your comfort zone: There have been times when some tasks were not the most comfortable to do, but you did them anyway.

12. You have been vulnerable about your true feelings: It takes true courage to openly say what you feel by beating your insecurities.

13. You have voiced your opinion confidently when you could’ve easily nodded along to avoid conflict.

14. The lessons that you have learned and grown with: You are wiser than ever before and it's because of your willingness to grow.

15. How happy you feel for others’ success

16. How you appreciate the people/things you like

17. Your singular way of understanding things: No one thinks how you do, and that's fascinating!

18. Your dreams for how your life should be: You have a vision for your future, and that's inspiring!

19. The skills and qualities you are known for: There are some things that you do so well that others remember you for them.

20. How you forgive people that you love: Forgiveness is a gift that takes bravery to give, and you've seen the good in others to give them second chances.

21. You have worked through conflicts and messy situations in the relationships that matter to you.

22. You have done your best for others (even when you couldn’t do it for yourself).

23. You face your fears: Time and again, you took a deep breath and walked on even when you were tempted to run away.

24. You try to empathize with others: Even when it was not easy to relate to someone's situation, you put in the effort to understand them.

25. You have solved so many problems throughout your life: Think about it, there have been many sticky situations in your life, but you found a way through all of them. Remember that whenever you feel overwhelmed. You are stronger than you think.

There you have it! Those were 25 of the very many wonderful things about you that you might overlook while focusing on the parts that need improvement.

You need your appreciation more than anyone else's, so be sure to cherish everything awesome about you!

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