Simple Private Colourful Journal

Gratitude is your personal journal where you can write about things that you are grateful for. This helps to focus your attention on the positive things in your life.

Features of gratitude app

What People Say

"I Like the simplicity of the app having one main purpose. Nothing to distract."

  • "Beautiful app. No complaints what so ever. It does what it says. Thank you for making this app. It has changed my life in a very good way. I love that small notification of quotes each morning. It reminds me of writing daily gratitude notes. The Colors are beautiful too. It can be saved and backed up. It is simple and easy to use. Thank you :)"

    Soumya Singh
  • "I was looking for an app that was easy to use and would help me on my 365 day gratitude journey. This app is that, and allows me to see my streak of days where I've created a gratitude entry. I also like being able to set up timed reminders to take a moment to be mindful and reconnect with what I am grateful for, even if its just to re read entries."

    Ellen Jackowski
  • "Amazing. Simple. Straightforward. Private. Helpful hints to get started, then trusts the user to ACTUALLY USE IT...alone. And places ZERO..."incentives" to compete or compare with any "other members, or Users". You get out exactly all you out in. Precisely as the app and developer says. PRECISELY. And that is a rare and wonderful thing these days...a kept promise by a developer over making some pittance of a profit off each user."

    Carl Blaylock
  • "In a world of so much negativity - this app is a breath of fresh air! I love the positive daily quotes, the journal is designed to be enjoyed by thinking on what you could find beautiful about each day, You can even add a picture to your entry! The creators designed a really nice app & it's free ... 2 thumbs up on a wonderful app!!"

  • "I really like how easy it is to flow through everything. Its simple but yet detailed. I love having the different types of lists and being able to add to them and oh my favorite part of the app, and yes, im being truthful by saying its my favorite, is the reminder ability. I get busy and destracted that i forget but now i have my reminder call and i just love, not to be redundant. Lol"

    Stella Barnum


  • Add unlimited entries
  • Daily quotes & reminders
  • Attach single photo per entry
  • Cross device backups & restore